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Timber Flooring; Floating Timber Floors

A Greater Variety in Timber Floor Options

Todays market offers a large range of acrylic and high wearing coatings and finishes for every timber floor project and its foreseeable use. There are a large variety of options and Hird Flooring can help you decide which of these are best for your timber flooring.

• Floor Sanding

• Floor Finishing

• Direct Stick Timber Flooring

• Floating Timber and Laminate Floors

Floating Timber Floors

A floating timber floor is simply any type of timber flooring that has not been attached to a subfloor or foundation by nailing, gluing or any other method. They are placed over an existing floor or surface meaning that you can lay a floating timber floor over concrete, particleboard, plywood or even straight over tiles, real timber floorboards or cork. All that is needed is that the floor is a firm surface and that it is level. One of the benefits of Floating timber floors is that they are generally laid on an underlay, providing excellent noise reduction and insulation.

Real timber floating floors are usually prefinished to make laying the floor easier and faster. Fake timber floating floors are made from laminate, which is a veneer of paper and resins attached to a substrate. The laminate is moulded to look like real timber but it does not require the maintenance of real timber.

Real and fake timber floors both come in boards that are ready to lay.

Timber Floor Coatings

Water Based Polyurethane Timber Floor Coatings


•  eco friendly

•  non flammable

•  non toxic

•  very little odour

•  touch dry after about 4 hours

•  re-coat after about 12 hours

Full curing usually takes up to three days

Available in:-

•  Gloss

•  Semi-gloss

•  Satin

•  Matte

Water based polyurethane coatings ensure the natural colour of the timber is retained without darkening it. Water based polyurethane is quite a flexible coating and will move with the timber floor however they may not have as good resistance to wear as solvent based polyurethane coatings have.

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